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Re.Solve is a new, innovative, green, microplastic free skincare brand for men, developed by A&T Formulation


Client - Re.SOLVE

What we did - Formulate, develop, and launch a comprehensive skincare product line specifically designed for men, focusing on effective solutions for concealing and treating skin problems.

Time frame - 24 months


We are speaking with Mr. Philippe Verschuren, the owner of the Re.Solve brand, about the story behind creating the brand.

What is Re.Solve?

Re.Solve is a unique skincare and makeup brand dedicated to providing men with natural, microplastic-free products in sustainable packaging. The products are formulated with carefully selected ingredients that are gentle on the skin and effective in delivering results.

The brand gives men the tools to make their skin look its best and provides effective solutions for both concealing and treating skin problems.

The product range is initially launched with seven skincare products. Later, additional "skin-wear" products will be added to this line.

The following products are available now:

  • Charcoal cleanser
  • Exfoliating scrub
  • Anti-shine moisturizer
  • Eye Serum
  • Pro-Aging moisturizer
  • Hydrating moisturizer
  • Protecting spray

How did you come up with the idea of Re.Solve?

My mother and I came up with the idea for Re.Solve. She used to work at Douglas many years ago and noticed a growing demand for men's cosmetics. People would come to her looking for skincare and makeup products specifically designed for men.

Later, we built another business with my father in the paper industry, but the idea of a men's cosmetics line always stayed with her. After a school project, I told her I wanted to start my own company, and she encouraged me to explore men's cosmetics, believing there was a significant demand. So, I began researching and discovered a substantial popularity in this market. Every year, the market grew by approximately 11%.

Our research revealed a trend of men using their wives' or girlfriends' cosmetics, a topic rarely discussed openly. Many men use concealer to hide blemishes or face cream to freshen up their skin.

Recognizing the substantial market potential for men's cosmetics and makeup, we embarked on creating Re.Solve. However, initially, it was just an idea, and we faced many obstacles during the realization process.


What were the challenges that you were facing at the start?

Initially, the cosmetics industry seemed daunting. We first contacted companies in the Netherlands, but the prices were extremely high. The additional issue was that the intellectual property of the product would remain with the manufacturer. This meant they could modify the formula and prevent us from selling the rights later. Since they worked with their own ingredients and partners, the rights would always belong to them. We desired complete ownership of our products, including the rights.

Next, we tried contacting French and Italian companies, as these countries have large beauty industries. However, most companies either didn't respond or communication was difficult due to limited English proficiency or a perception that our project was too small.

German companies were our next target, but their minimum order quantities were very high, and they didn't seem particularly interested in working with us.

Determined to find a solution, I searched online for "how to make your own cosmetics brand" and discovered A&T Formulation.

What particularly impressed me about your website was its clarity and well-written English, a stark contrast to the previous websites I had encountered. The video explaining the process and services was also very helpful. The clear and comprehensive written explanation of the process further solidified my decision to contact you. I received an immediate response, and communication remained swift and professional throughout.

Following our initial contact, we decided to visit you in person to discuss the project further. Meeting your team ultimately convinced us to move forward with A&T Formulation.

What do you think were the key points where we helped you to make Re.Solve successful?

The most valuable aspect of our collaboration was not simply accepting your initial proposal to create the two products we had envisioned. The real turning point was the concept development phase. Your independent research and proposed comprehensive brand concept were incredibly helpful.

Your market research, showcasing how other brands established themselves in the market, proved particularly insightful. It became clear that a two-product line wouldn't be sufficient; we needed a broader product range. This realization led us to the strategic decision to launch skincare products before expanding into makeup. This approach helped us avoid being perceived as a "taboo" brand.

Throughout the process, your guidance was instrumental in preventing us from rushing ahead prematurely. Your consistent communication regarding the project's status allowed us to initiate marketing and other crucial activities at the most opportune times.

While the initial concept was for a product, the entire process ultimately became about building a business. Your support in this journey, from the foundational concept through brand strategy development to the finished product, was invaluable.

We particularly appreciated the step-by-step explanation of the process involved in building a truly competitive cosmetics brand. Your exceptional approach involves full participation in each project, essentially functioning as an extension of our team, which is a stark contrast to the typical experience of receiving bi-monthly status reports from other companies.

Another key aspect of our collaboration was your willingness to explain the intricacies of the market. For example, we encountered terms and conditions we disagreed with when ordering packaging. However, you helped us understand that, given the small order size, the manufacturer was unlikely to be flexible. We recognized the importance of quality and the potential consequences of jeopardizing our partnership over minor disagreements.

A similar situation arose when selecting a manufacturer. Initially, I didn't grasp the significance of cleanliness and quality in manufacturing. Your explanation highlighted the potential ramifications of manufacturing issues, potentially jeopardizing years of work.

How's the brand going now?

The first year was tough, especially from January to April. We just had a few orders because we were a new brand and company. The marketing company we hired didn't help much either; it was only their second time working with a men's cosmetics brand. On top of that, the Netherlands is a challenging market for men's cosmetics in general.

But we figured out what resonates with guys and what kind of communication and sales work best. Online, the eye serum is very popular because it's easy to understand and the effects are noticeable right away. However, in barbershops, the charcoal cleanser is the top seller. It gives guys a clear feeling of cleaner-looking and feeling skin immediately.

Our first barber event in the Netherlands in April was a real turning point. We made a lot of connections and saw the potential for selling our products in barbershops and other places. We also exhibited in England and found new distributor opportunities there. We even recently received orders from Italy!

What is the future of Re.Solve?

We realized we needed a physical space to showcase our products, so we just opened our own barbershop where people can try to buy Re.Solve products. This approach works really well for us because we offer a small treatment to every customer, and seeing the results firsthand encourages them to buy.

Our vision for the future is to open three state-of-the-art barbershops with integrated Re.Solve stores, allowing customers to see and try the products. We're aiming for an aesthetic, minimalist, and stylish atmosphere similar to Aesop, with the added benefit of offering treatments. We already have guys coming to the barbershop specifically for a Re.Solve treatment, which shows the brand is gaining recognition in the market.

A&T Formulation has been involved in all product development in the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Product concept development
  • Product development (formulation)
  • Project management
  • Production
  • Packaging
  • Licensing
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Laboratory testing

This product range is the result of two years of development. The products were developed with men's habits and skin in mind. The website has an innovative questionnaire that helps anyone who wants to take care of their complexion set up a daily routine.

The project is a real European collaboration. The brand owner—our client—is based in the Netherlands, the branding was developed in the UK, the packaging in Italy, the production in the Netherlands, and the development and overall management in Hungary are in close collaboration with our client.

For more information click here: https://www.resolve-skin.com