A cosmetic laboratory chemist is changing the RPM on a IKA Eurostar overhead mixer. This is a closeup photo

Regulatory services

Specific cosmetic products that comply with regulations

With the help of our external expert partners, we can also provide assistance with launching in other countries. Contact us and let us know in which country you would like to launch your products.

A laboratory technician is measuring the Ph of a transparent liquid using blue rubber gloves in a cosmetic formulation laboratory. This is a closeup photo.

Services offered

Compiling of a Product Information File (PIF)
CPNP registration
Safety Assessment
Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)
Designation of a responsible person within the EU
Cosmetic labeling review
Launch of products on the UK market
Launch of products on the EU market
Launch of products on the US market
Expert support for entry into other markets


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