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Anaaka Halal Skincare

Anaaka Halal Skincare is a Halal certified skincare brand developed by A&T Formulation.


Client - Anaaka Halal Skincare

What we did - Formulate, develop, and launch a comprehensive skincare product line specifically designed for men, focusing on effective solutions for concealing and treating skin problems.

Time frame - 14 months

Anaaka Halal Skincare
Anaaka Halal Skincare

The Anaaka Skincare product range is the outcome of two years of work and is primarily aimed at those looking for Halal Anti Aging products, but also targets anyone interested in premium products of a strictly controlled quality and free of animal-derived ingredients.

Our aim is to provide a high value-added service that far surpasses the expectations of our customers. This is also confirmed by the fact that the brand won several awards at the 2021 GBWA Awards. The Global Beauty And Wellness Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the cosmetics market, with big global and niche brands competing for it, such as Estée Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, Maybelline, La Mer and similar brands.

During the product development process, nearly 100 people tested the products and we took into account their feedback to develop the products to the best possible degree. Following development, we had the products inspected in independent laboratory tests, where their effectiveness was found to be over 90%.

Anaaka Halal Skincare
Anaaka Halal Skincare

In developing the packaging material, we sought the highest possible quality. The bottles were manufactured using a unique metallisation process that allowed us to achieve any colour, so that we could create a design entirely in line with the customer's vision.

A&T Cosmetics took part in the entire product development process, including the following areas:

- Product development

- Project management

- Manufacturing

- Licensing

- Trademark registration

- Logistics

- Procurement

- Management of laboratory tests

Anaaka Halal Skincare is the result of a special product development process that offers customers truly unique, efficient and premium products.

Further information: https://anaaka.com/