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Reliability and Excellence in Production

In the product development process, several test runs take place and are monitored by our Process Engineering Experts before production of the final product commences.

A personalized formula tailored to your needs

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We carry out trial production of cosmetic products up to a maximum size of 100 kg in-house. Following this, the production can be scaled up to industrial size. 

The scale-up process is the link between lab-scale formulation and industrial-scale production. We study each step of the production process to validate the industrial scale-up and feasibility of your project.

The know-how of our experts is combined with continuous testing at all stages of the manufacturing process to obtain a perfect product at the end of our production lines.

The process of scaling up production and introducing production technology to factory scale is continuously monitored and documented throughout the process.

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Services Offered

Trial production of products up to 100 kg.
Contract manufacturing, search for the most suitable contract manufacturer
Auditing of the selected manufacturer based on GMP guidelines
Determination of the manufacturing process/technology
Supervision of the manufacturing process
Design of the production environment


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