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Âge D’or

Luxgoldcare by Âge D’or is a high quality luxury skincare product line with 24 Carat gold developed by A&T Formulation


Client - Âge D'or

What we did - Formulate, develop, and launch a comprehensive skincare product line specifically designed for men, focusing on effective solutions for concealing and treating skin problems.

Time frame - 6 months

Âge D'or
Âge D'or

Age D’or created a product line that contains the collections of the best natural ingredients, rich in ecological and natural actives.

We created a matrix that includes the best substances for a firm and radiant skin. These modern and innovative active ingredients ensure a special effect on your skin.


Smooth Cleanser

A universal cleansing and brightening gel, which improves the feel of your skin. The cream includes mechanical and chemical exfoliating effects that help to remove dead skin. After use, your skin becomes clean and energised again.

Instant firming mask

An extreme, deep cleansing, soothing mask. With this mask the special herbal active ingredients reaches your skins deepest layers. The pores open up so the mask can have its firming and cleansing effects. The product makes your skin nourished and relaxed.

Âge D'or
Âge D'or

Beauty Eye essence

A firming and refreshing serum for the skin beneath your eyes. It combats pigmentation and puffiness with a powerful anti-ageing effect. With this product you can ensure a lighter complexion beneath your eyes and it provides you with a brighter look.

Skin perfector cream

A firming, nourishing, energising anti-ageing facial cream. Within 15 minutes after applyingthe product your skin becomes visibly firmer, and long-term use results in a brighter, more unified, smoother and firmer skin.