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Unlike others we truly offer a comprehensive service with custom formulations, unique packaging, brand strategy and full service to make your brand stand out from others in the market. Contact us to bring your vision into existence.

Meet the Founders

Before founding the A&T Group, Tea had worked for more than 15 years in various research and development laboratories and cosmetics factories. Years of research and development work and technological experience here provide the foundation for our group's research and development know-how.

Tea's previous roles have included partnerships with renowned companies such as Nivea and Henkel. The products she has developed are available worldwide. Tea has several patents registered and is also a member of the prestigious Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Before founding the A&T Group, András worked in product development and marketing in the banking and finance sector. When Tea and András met, they recognised the need for a company that could help customers with all aspects of product development. Thus, the idea of the A&T Group was born. 

They have been running the company together ever since, with András responsible for marketing, project management, packaging, and other areas of the business. His expertise is the backbone of the company's knowledge base and operations. 

András Tallér. The founder of A&T Formulation
Andras Tallér
Managing director

our story

Business venture and love story in one

It all started one October evening in 2015 at which point we were dating only. We were sitting in the car and Tea showed a product which she had developed for a client. The cream was great. The texture was excellent, the absorption really good, it smelled amazing and it was effective too.

However, there was no harmony between the design, packaging, branding and the formula.

The various specialists who developed the product did not communicate properly with each other. At that time, Tea was already working as a freelance chemist after many, many years working for various companies, and I (András) was engaged in product development in another industry.

As we were talking about this product, the revelation came:

It is not enough that Tea does the formula only. Every stage of the process needs to be seen and the whole process needs to be understood in order for the end result to be excellent.

Even though the packaging, the design and the formula are great in their own right, if they are not in harmony with each other, the product will not have the WOW factor, because everything must be consistent with what the brand represents.

That’s what kickstarted the brainstorming. How can this be done well? How could this be done differently?

This is how the idea of the A&T group was born: a business that helps those who want to create an entire cosmetic product line. One  that assists not only with the formulation but the entire product development process, providing a one-stop service.

A few weeks later, someone reached out to us out of the blue.

This client said at the meeting: "Look, we're very busy looking for a team that can help with the whole process, and we just want to make the decisions."

A closeup picture of oil droplets in a petri dish
It was exactly what we dreamed about!

Things speeded up very quickly after that. Raw material exhibition in Paris, packaging exhibition in New York, production in Budapest, product presentation in Thailand and Dubai. We had been working on this for months. And the result was great. The clients and buyers loved it and in the end not only the project was completed, but we also ended up getting married.

Over time, the market also confirmed that there is a demand for this unique model. Over the years, we have been involved in many exciting and beautiful projects, of which we are very proud.

What's next?

We are creatives. Our passion is to create something beautiful and lasting.

In the future, we would like to work with those who do not want "just one" product or "just one brand", but want to create something that is truly marketable, has a unique formula, unique packaging and, ultimately, something that people notice. If this is what you are looking for, we would love to hear from you!

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Our mission
We are a beauty product development company, with award-winning formulas

Our goal is to provide support to newly established cosmetic companies in their development. We can provide you with assistance throughout the entire product development process. We can help our customers with formulation, design and brand planning, packaging, compiling documentation for product launch, manufacturing, or overall project management of the product.


Our goal is to understand our customers' specific needs and translate them into high-quality cosmetic products. Taking into account the customer's detailed ideas, we add the expertise of our team, which has been working for many years.


Our passion is to create something beautiful, unique, and outstanding. 

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Our values


Quality is embedded in our company's work and values. Our business practices and processes are designed to deliver high-quality results that exceed customer and partner expectations.


A&T Formulation is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of ongoing business relationships. We will not disclose information about our customers' or partners' capabilities, know-how, or intellectual property. A&T Formulation is committed to acting loyally and not engaging, directly or indirectly, in any activity that could place us in a conflict of interest. Every A&T Formulation employee is required to respect the above principles of conduct.


We believe in continuous development. We invest a portion of our income in the continuous improvement of our equipment and know-how. This ensures that stand out from our competitors in the market with our unique service and innovative expertise.


We believe in the power of beauty. We look for projects where we have a common goal: to create something beautiful, something unique, together.


To succeed, we collaborate and cross organizational, cultural, and geographic boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers. All our customers become part of the team, as we involve them in every decision and make decisions together, down to the smallest detail. When you choose us, you choose a strategic partner with whom we will work together to ensure your success.


A&T Formulation is built on strong values that we communicate in our Code of Business Ethics. These values are strictly adhered to when working with our customers and partners.


What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for production is 2,000 pieces. The minimum order quantity for packaging is usually between 5,000 and 10,000 pieces.

What services does A&T Formulation offer?

A&T Formulation offers a one-stop service. This means that we can support you throughout the entire product development process, from the initial idea to the finished product. As part of this full service, we can help you with brand concept development, formulation, packaging, branding, manufacturing, laboratory testing, regulatory registration, and overall project management.

Do we have any private label products?

We believe that a product is only good if it is unique and stands out from other products on the market. Therefore, we do not offer private label products; instead, we only develop customised products. At the end of product development, you will own the intellectual property, so you can take it anywhere, use it freely, or sell it. In contrast, with private label products, the formulas are owned by the manufacturer. The intellectual property is not transferred, so the buyer of such a formula is always at the mercy of the manufacturer.

How much does it cost to create a cosmetic brand?

Price determination is a complex process that depends on many factors. It depends on the quality of the formula, the ingredients it contains, the packaging, the quality of the packaging, and the number of units. In addition, the price depends on the quantity of production and the production technology.

Are you able to formulate products with exact specifications?

Yes, we start by understanding your exact needs and work closely with you to develop your custom formula.

How much does the formula cost?

The price of a formula depends on the components, the number of units, the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing technology. In any case, we ask you to set a target price. We will develop the product based on this target price.

How does the product development process work?

At the beginning of the product development process, we work with you to create a brief in which you can specify which ingredients you want in the formula and which you definitely do not want to use.
Here you can initially define the effects you want to achieve with the formula and the reference products that can serve as a basis for product development.
During the process, we will provide you with product samples and then modify the formula based on your feedback. It is important to note that we provide an unlimited number of additional versions; we will continue to develop the product until you are satisfied with the result.

How long does the product development process take?

It takes three to six months to produce the formulas, and the development of the entire range usually takes 10-12 months.

What packaging materials can I choose for my product?

We do not have standard packaging materials, but we will always look for a manufacturer in the market whose portfolio fits your brand image, quality, and vision.

Will I be able to take part in product development?

Yes, of course you will be in constant contact with your designated chemical engineer, who can discuss the results and any necessary changes throughout the process.

Can you help with the packaging?

Yes, our company offers a one-stop service, so we can be involved in the entire product development process, including packaging.

Where are you based?

Our company is registered in the United Kingdom. We have offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Hungary. Our research and development laboratory is located at our headquarters in Budapest.

Do you offer free development if I have my products manufactured by you?

No. Custom development is a complex process conducted by highly qualified formulation chemists. All costs will be communicated and agreed upon before any work is undertaken. Attempting to make compromises and cut costs at this early stage would set a dangerous precedent that, if implemented, would be reflected in the final product and ultimately your brand.

Who are your current clients?

You can find some examples on our portfolio subpage, but we do not want to give you more information than these works and pictures, as the most important thing for us is that our clients feel secure with the business secrets they have entrusted to us.


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