Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Calendula is good for the treatment of wounds because of its antiseptic action; a local remedy assisting local action and preventing suppuration. Reduces swelling of wasp or bee stings and helps to relieve the pain. Lotion is useful for sprains and bruises. The water is useful for sore and inflamed eyes.Calendula Oil CLR contains the lipophilic ingredients and aromas of calendula flowers in a soy oil medium. It protects dry, scaly, and stressed skin and is thus suitable for the protective care of sensitive skin, e.g., babies‘ skin.

In the 16th century, marigold was a common garden plant valued by herbalists for comforting the heart and soothing the spirit. The dried flowers went into the making of broths and teas, and were used to color cheese. It was known to the Romans, Greeks, ancient Egyptians, Arabs and Hindus. The generic name derives from the Latin calends  meaning “throughout the months,” a reference to the lengthy flowering season of the marigold. It was used in wedding bouquets because it represents constant love in flower symbolism.

CAS: 84776-23-8

Function: Emollient.

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