How Do I Develop A Unique And Successful Cosmetic Product?

Building a successful brand can also be traced back to a really trendy, topical formula.

In order to determine the content of the formula, we need to discuss the following in the very first meeting:

- The customer's core values,

- What raw materials they believe in, what effects are essential to them,

- What raw materials they want to avoid at all costs,

- What type of products they want,

- What form of products they want (oil, emulsion, spray, water-like),

- Which trends they would like to follow: Natural, organic, vegan, etc.

Then the development begins. First, the literature research on the raw materials begins and samples are requested.

The way I work:

As soon as the main active ingredients have been determined, I start building the base carrier materials. Very important criteria have to be met:

- What can the active ingredient dissolve in: only in water, only in oil, only in alcohol... there are such cases.

- In what quantity can I use it, there are international conventions for raw materials, certain substances may only be used in certain percentages in the overall formulation

- I start experimenting to see which raw materials go well together and which help to achieve the effect we formulated at the beginning. Of course, years of experience help me to find the right form, so this step doesn't take forever either.

- As soon as the base is put together, it can be tested

Some customers only test the product in a small circle and if they fall in love with the effect and texture, they do not test it in a larger circle, but there are also those who carry out a so-called blind test in which complete strangers participate in order to obtain a completely unbiased opinion of the form.

Both ways are viable, the main thing is that I can develop the product further.

The last step is usually the question of fragrance. Again, there are several options, some want to work with essential oils, others prefer refined perfumes and still others may only consider allergen-free fragrances.

This is perhaps the most time-consuming round of testing as there are endless ways to define scents and find out what really suits the formula created.

It takes about 3-6 months for a formula to take shape and become clearer.

What sets a unique cosmetic formula apart from the competition?

I strive to work with the latest research, I like to work with new, modern raw materials, experiment and never use two identical recipes. I always try to move with the times and switch to more natural alternatives with substances such as retinol, palm oil, copolymer thickeners. Fortunately, I can choose from a variety of raw materials, so I have never created two identical formulas.

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How do I start my own cosmetic brand?

If you fill out this questionnaire, we will give you a quote at the first meeting, which includes our service costs.

In addition, with our unique project initiation service, we help our customers get the project off the ground and set the project budget together before the project starts.

We have developed an affordable package to help our customers get started. The fee for creating the product concept documentation is deducted from the total fee at the start of the project. So, if you are still unsure, this service can give you a fuller picture of what you are undertaking during product development, and if you decide to go ahead with product development, this service will cost you nothing. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this service.

Defining the Product Concept

In the product concept, we define the following with the customer:

- The first products of the product family in the first two years and their timing

- Properties of the products (effect, fragrance, texture, main ingredients)

- Determining the packaging of the products

- Creation of the brand's mission, core values and vision

- Positioning of the brand (pricing, target group)

- Defining the brand style (we create the brief and propose 3 design studios that fit the budget and mood board)

- Market research (market research from a specific perspective, similar to the product concept. E.g. research on a brand and products based on a specific effect or active ingredient)

- Detailed definition of the schedule

- Detailed budget development

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